Selecting the Best Hand Protection for the Task

“People who play sports that require a swing of perfect alignment, such as golf, enjoy the outcome when the “sweet spot” is felt. The question is, how did they find the sweet spot? Did they get lucky with one swing and struggle locating it the next time, or do they regularly hit the “sweet spot” due to their dedication toward persistence?

Today, more than ever, we are seeing customers select their hand safety protection based off one of two things. There is either a lower price point than what they currently have or they felt a sense of connection with a sales representative who promised some type of magic in their glove. We feel the lack of persistence and dedication toward identifying the hand hazards and exposure levels before selecting the proper hand safety protection keeps these customers from ever seeing the cost savings in locating the “sweet spot.”

We use a seven-step process that helps to identify the correct method toward locating the “sweet spot.” This method helps to guide the user to make the best decisions on all levels of hand protection needs within a facility.”

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