Using Safety Metrics to Improve Safety-Webinar

“In today’s information world, health safety and environmental professional are continually confronted with the challenge to gather, review, and act wisely based on various types of data. Health, Safety, and Environmental Professionals can spend significant time gathering and collecting safety data but can often be at a loss on how to make meaningful safety decisions based on this data.

By using simple, easy to use, software to generate safety metrics safety professions can spend less time on collecting, gathering and performing data calculations and more time on using that data to improve safety performance.”

April 10, 2014; 2:00PM (EST)


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Marijuana: Still Dangerous; Still Illegal In the Workplace

No matter how many states legalize marijuana it will not change the fact that marijuana users, just like those who misuse alcohol, are still more likely to be involved in a workplace accident, file a workers’ compensation claim, and utilize their health care benefits. Employees under the influence of marijuana are still dangerous and marijuana is still illegal… according to federal law. Employers still have the right to test for marijuana and hold employees accountable when they test positive. But so much depends on how a company conducts drug testing and what its drug testing policy says.

Join well-known drug testing expert Bill Current as he explains how to ensure your workplace is not just drug-free, but marijuana free also. This timely presentation will bring you up to date on the various state marijuana laws and discuss how lab-based oral fluid testing may be the most effective way to test for marijuana in a state that has legalized the drug.”

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NYS Truck and Safety Education Symposium and Safety Exhibition

“The NYS Truck and Safety Education Symposium and Safety Exhibition has been scheduled for March 25-26 in Albany. The symposium/exhibition is an annual two-day event providing the latest information on safety issues and compliance initiatives facing the trucking industry.

The event is organized by transportation experts in both the public and private sectors including the New York State Motor Truck Association, the New York State Department of Transportation and the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee. This year’s theme is “Staying Ahead of the Curve.”

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Confined Space Trailer Updates!

This picture shows the complete trailer including the confined space entry tank, upper deck with retractable guard rails and weather tight hatches that lead to the tank and hamster tube:



This picture shows a side view of the trailer with Don, Ty, and Jon (coming down the ladder):



This picture shows the rear of the trailer with folding ladders top allow ease of access and easy transport to job site:

FAA Press Release Update-For Immediate Release-January 31, 2014

FAA Press Release–“The Federal Aviation Administration today (March 7th) issued a notice appealing a decision by an NTSB Administrative Law Judge in the civil penalty case, Huerta v. Pirker.   “The FAA is appealing the decision of an NTSB Administrative Law Judge to the full National Transportation Safety Board, which has the effect of staying the decision until the Board rules.

The agency is concerned that this decision could impact the safe operation of the national airspace system and the safety of people and property on the ground.”

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Combustible Dust Compliance: Avoiding Common Pitfalls

“Combustible dust explosions are a risk in many areas of an industrial plant, and one of the likeliest locations for an explosion is in the plant’s dust collection system. To minimize the chance of an explosion, the NFPA sets standards to protect industrial facilities, and OSHA is tasked with enforcing these standards. A range of problems can contribute to explosion risk, but some common denominators exist. This article describes frequently encountered shortfalls to compliance and how you to avoid them.

Insistence on Maintaining the Status Quo

“I’ve worked here for 30 years and we’ve never had a problem” is a frequently heard refrain. This mindset stems in part from a common misconception that the dust is not explosive because the facility has not had an event – when, in fact, the opposite may be true. In some cases, it may take many years for dust to accumulate to explosive levels.  To understand the risks, it is necessary to review the five elements comprising what is known as the “dust explosion pentagon.” They are:

(1) combustible dust;

(2) an ignition source;

(3) oxygen in the air;

(4) dispersion of the dust in sufficient concentration to be explosive; and

(5) containment of the dust cloud within a confined or semi-confined vessel or area.

All five of these elements may exist in an industrial facility, but all must be present at the same time for an explosion to occur. If there is no containment, it is still possible for a flash fire to erupt if elements 1-4 are present simultaneously.”


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INTERPOL Confirms Two Passengers Boarded with Stolen Passports

“INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble issued a statement March 9 confirming that at least two passports recorded in its Stolen and Lost Travel Documents database were used by passengers aboard Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370, the Boeing 777 airliner that lost contact with air traffic controllers a day earlier while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. An Austrian passport and an Italian passport that were used by the two passengers were added to INTERPOL’s SLTD database after being stolen in Thailand in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

The statement said INTERPOL is conducting checks on all other passports used to board flight MH 370 that may have been reported stolen.  Meanwhile, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board has sent a team of investigators to Asia to be ready to assist with the investigation, and a Boeing team also has been sent to assist NTSB as a technical advisor. Once the aircraft has been found, International Civil Aviation Organization protocols will determine which country will lead the investigation, according to NTSB.”


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Two Hospitalized after Eating Skittles

“Despite two people being hospitalized after eating Skittles purchased at a Richmond, IN Marathon Food Mart, state officials have determined no unusual chemical substances were found in the Skittles. The Skittles were tested at the Indiana State Department of Health on March 5th and preliminary results have shown no toxins in the candy. The department determined that the Skittles are safe to eat, according to a press release from the State Department of Health.”


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NTSB Data Show Slight Increase in Transportation Fatalities

“According to recently released preliminary figures from the National Transportation Safety Board, there was a 3 percent increase in transportation fatalities from 2011 to 2012. Highway and rail fatalities rose, while marine, aviation, and pipeline deaths declined, according to the data.  There were 34,551 transportation fatalities in 2011 and 35,531 in 2012.

In addition, the data show that deaths on U.S. roads account for around 94 percent of transportation deaths. Highway deaths increased in every category (passenger cars, light trucks, pedestrians, motorcycles, buses, pedal cycles, trucks) except for fatalities associated with buses, which decreased.  According to the press release from NTSB, railroad deaths increased 6 percent, from 757 to 803. Aviation deaths, on the other hand, decreased from 498 to 449 and marine deaths decreased from 803 to 706. Pipeline deaths went down from 14 to 12.”

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The New Safety Professional’s Toolbox

“Occupational Health & Safety offers a new online course for the first time March 26 that’s sure to be highly useful for incoming safety professionals. Presented by a quartet of experienced safety trainers and consultants, “The New Safety Professional’s Toolbox” will prepare attendees to meet the challenge of an OSHA audit, achieve compliance and recordkeeping goals, and improve the safety culture of their enterprise.

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