The National Movement in Ladder Safety

“Why do ladder accidents happen? If a ladder is in good condition and is used properly, it will almost never be the cause of an accident. Then why are there so many accidents involving ladders? Statistics show that 500 workers will go to the emergency room each day because of a ladder-related injury. Ladders are tested at four times their rating, so if your ladder is a Type IA, 300-pounds-rated ladder, it would have been tested at 1,200 pounds. So why are there so many accidents? Part of the answer involves the two conditions listed in the opening sentence of this article: good condition and used properly.

A ladder in good condition will easily hold your weight and a lot more. If a ladder is dented, bent, cracked, or split, you don’t know how much weight it will hold. That’s why it is so important to inspect your ladder before every use.”
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