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2021 Firefighter Safety Stand Down - Rebuild Rehab

"Taking place each year during the third full week of June, Safety Stand Down highlights critical safety, health, and survival issues for fire and emergency services personnel. Departments are asked to suspend all non-emergency activities during the week to focus their attention on safety and health education efforts. A week is provided to ensure that all duty shifts can participate.

The 2021 Safety Stand Down takes place June 20-26. The theme is “Rebuild Rehab.” This theme focuses on the critical importance of physical and psychological rehab to mitigate the physiological and mental impacts of firefighting. The goal is to make sure everyone is ready to respond to the next emergency. The expectation is that departments will re-visit rehab procedures to ensure that post-incident protocol covers all areas of health and safety, including cardiac, nutrition, exposure, psychological, hydration, and heat stress."

View resources, the press release and more at:

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