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9 Ways Technology Is Lowering Risk on the Jobsite

"As projects become even more manifold, the number of workers, equipment and materials that need to be tracked and managed increases. Under pressure to deliver work on time and within budget, safety can often become compromised.

As such, a growing number of construction companies are embracing technologies that can help make construction jobsites safer. A combination of hardware and software technology solutions are helping drive automation and data sharing across the jobsite.

Nine of those include:

1. Jobsite Access

2. Emergency Response

3. Machine Control

4. Exoskeletons

5. Smart Sensors

6. Safety Tracking & Reporting

7. Mixed Reality

8. Off-site Prefabrication

9. Drones

Read more about these technologies here at the Construction Business Owner website."

(Shared from ECA's Weekly News Bulletin for today!)

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