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Battery Fire Explosion Hazard - Safety Alert

"On 4/11/2024, a Continuous Personal Dust Monitor (CPDM) device was placed on top of a continuous mining machine and was struck by a rock (approximately 24-inch diameter and 10 inches thick) that fell approximately 6 feet. Immediately after impact, miners reported flames coming from the device, followed by an explosion and larger flames encompassing the unit for a short period of time before extinguishing. Many devices, such as the CPDM, hand-held radios, cell phones, and cap lamps are powered by lithium batteries. When designed, manufactured, used and maintained properly, lithium and other battery sources for these hand-held devices are a safe power source.

Best Practices

Ensure miners appropriately use and protect lithium battery-powered devices from unusual and excessive heat, stress, impacts, and other hazards. 

Conduct workplace examinations and eliminate hazardous conditions. 

Control roof, face, and ribs where persons work or travel. 

Train miners in the use and proper care of lithium battery-powered equipment including the proper use of PPE. 

Follow manufacturer's instructions for storage, use, charging, and maintenance of lithium batteries."

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