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COVID-19 PPE Assistance

If your company has PPE you are able to donate to healthcare facilities in need, below is some information on how to help!

Thank you for sharing VPPPA Region 2!


All As we all know our local Healthcare Facilities are struggling with a lack of needed PPE. To the extent that nurses and doctors are having to wear N-95 and N-99 Masks multiple days and they are treating them with Hand Sanitizer and putting them in the dryer for 5 minutes to sanitize them to get the most use out of them they possibly can. If by some chance your company has some extra PPE (Safety Glasses, N-95, N-99, Face Shields, Tyvek Suits, etc) that will assist Healthcare Providers in doing their jobs safely and you have the ability to donate this to your local Healthcare Facility it will be greatly appreciated by the people that are our frontline defense against this virus. We need to do all we can do to help keep our Healthcare Providers and Communities SAFE and if we can all just give a little, we can make a difference.

If your local healthcare providers do not need the materials then here is your state contact information. New York The NY Governor’s office provided the following contact information to connect donors to those who need equipment: Call 646-522-8477 or email New Jersey In New Jersey the state set up an email account,, to coordinate PPE donations. Thank You Robert Brynes Chairperson VPPPA Region II

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