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Dig Safely New York - Damage Prevention Conference and Expo

"Whether you are placing or responding to tickets, locating, overseeing training and education, or performing excavation at the job site, this FREE conference has content for everyone involved in the 811 process.

The conference will feature à la carte class selection that allows you to create your own custom education experience!

Class registration is limited and will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Register today to reserve your seat in these can't miss classes and more!"

Access Compliance is providing two sessions:

  • Every Breath You Take - Topics include regulatory compliance as it relates to fit testing, medical surveillance, respiratory protection in general industry, respirator types, voluntary use of respirators, respiratory protection in construction, training requirements, respiratory protection for healthcare workers, the differences between respirators and surgical masks, donning & doffing, counterfeit respirators, maintenance and care, and the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard.

  • Super Charged: Arc Flash - Employees working in areas where there are potential electrical hazards shall be provided with, and shall use, electrical protective equipment that is appropriate for the specific parts of the body to be protected and for the work to be performed. This training will cover protective equipment and maintenance, the insulating capability of protective equipment, use of nonconductive head protection wherever there is a danger of head injury from electric shock or burns due to contact with exposed energized parts. Protective equipment for the eyes or face wherever there is danger of injury to the eyes or face from electric arcs or flashes or from flying objects resulting from electrical explosion. General protective equipment and tools, fuse handling, insulating capability of tools, use of nonconductive ropes and hand lines used near exposed energized parts, protective shields, protective barriers, or insulating materials shall be used to protect from shock, burns, or other electrically related injuries.

"Visit the registration website for a full listing of course offerings

The event will also feature:

An Exciting Vendor Expo Show

CEU Credits

Lunch by Brook's BBQ

Live Demonstrations

Keynote Speaker Leo Anderson"

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