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Employee Sexual Harassment Prevention Training - October 6th & 14th!

"Please join the North Country Chamber of Commerce and guest speaker, Jaci Kelleher Esq. of Stafford Owens Law Firm as we explore the issues and impact of sexual and other harassment types in the workplace.

Participants of this virtual session will focus on prevention and intervention through looking at current NYS law and policies regarding harassment and discrimination and through recognizing the legal definition and conditions of sexual harassment. Finally, participants will learn strategies to create a safe, supportive and respectful work environment for everyone.

Dates: October 6 and 14, 2020

Times: 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Cost: $8.00 (member) $16 (non-member)

This training is required annually for all employees in New York State and meets NYS compliance requirements.

Register for one of the two trainings by clicking the buttons below..."

- October 6th:

- October 14th:

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