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Heads up, Phones Down

"Keeping our eyes on the road, not our phones, can help prevent pedestrian crashes when walking.

While in the past, children ages 5-9 were at the highest risk of pedestrian-related accidents, this age range has since shifted. In 2017, children ages 15-19 accounted for 64% of pedestrian accidents. Researchers attributed this to distracted walking, which may occur while using a mobile device.

Check out these tips on how to stay safe while walking with a mobile device:

Never walk while texting or talking on the phone

If texting, move out of the way of others and stop on the sidewalk

Never cross the street while using an electronic device

Do not walk with headphones in your ears

Be aware of your surroundings

Always walk on the sidewalk if one is available; if you must walk on the street, face oncoming traffic

Look left, right, then left again before crossing the street

Cross only at crosswalks"

(Shared from Albany County's recent email update. Source: )

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