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In the COVID-19 crisis, thank a trucker

"Surely, by now, we’ve all noticed that the grocery store shelves are staying filled.

Yes, okay, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are hard to come by. But fruit and vegetables are reappearing overnight. And milk. And cereal and steak and soap and juice and canned food. Really, for a society fighting a pandemic, we have plenty of just about everything.

Here’s why: some time during the day or night a tractor trailer turns into the store’s vacant parking lot, piloted by a driver who safely guides the big machine backwards to sync with the loading dock. Then he (or she) waits while tonnes of crates and pallets are removed, does the paperwork, climbs back up into the seat, starts the engine, and rolls away. 

It happens tens of thousands of times a day, all over Canada and America, mostly hidden from a public that arrives within hours to fill carts."

Thank you for sharing this article North Country Chamber of Commerce!

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