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"Living Well With COPD – Everybody, Everywhere"

"Living Well With COPD – Everybody, Everywhere"

Yesterday was World COPD Day; check out this article for more information on what causes COPD and what can help reduce exposure in your workplace!

"This year’s theme for World COPD Day is “Living Well With COPD – Everybody, Everywhere.” While there is no cure for COPD, there are ways to help current patients live well and actions that can prevent new cases. COPD – which stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – includes the chronic lung conditions of chronic bronchitis and emphysema, which are characterized by airflow obstruction and breathing-related problems. COPD is a major cause of illness, with an estimated 300 million cases worldwide, and is the 3rd leading cause of death globally.

The leading preventable cause of COPD is cigarette smoking, and prevention efforts have focused on limiting this exposure. Controlling exposure to other harmful agents can also help reduce the number of COPD cases. Occupational exposures are important causes of COPD, contributing to an estimated 14 percent of all cases and 31 percent of cases among never smokers (Blanc 2019).

Workplace agents associated with COPD include:

• mineral dusts (coal mine dust, silica, asbestos);

• organic dusts (cotton, wood, grains);

• metal/welding fumes (cadmium);

• diesel/engine exhaust fumes;

• asphalt/tar fumes or vapors in road and roofing operations;

• smoke from fires; and

• other chemical gases or vapors."

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