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May 22nd MSHA Fatality Alert

"MINE FATALITY – On May 22, 2023, a miner died when the haul truck he was operating overturned, when the edge of the bank at a dump point gave way. The haul truck landed on the roof of the cab.

Best Practices:

  • Conduct workplace and ground condition examinations before work begins in an area.

  • Dump material from a safe location and push the material over the edge with a bulldozer.

  • Ensure dump locations on unconsolidated material are properly designed, constructed, and maintained.

  • Construct substantial berms as a visual indicator to prevent overtravel. Clearly mark dump locations with reflectors and/or markers.

  • Never load material from the toe of a stockpile that is directly below an active dump point. This may lead to an over steepened and unstable slope.

  • Wear a seatbelt. Install advanced systems that restrain miners during roll-overs..."

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