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MSHA Final report issued for fatality on 10/20/2021

"On October 20, 2021, a 50-year-old mechanic with 12 years of experience was fatally injured when he was struck by the bucket of an excavator while assisting in repositioning a hopper.

Best Practices:

Never position yourself between mobile equipment and a stationary object.

Do not work in pinch points where inadvertent movement could cause injury.

Carefully inspect and secure the pins in an excavator's bucket before each use.

Before beginning work, analyze all tasks, establish safe work procedures, train miners, and eliminate hazards. Be alert for hazards that may be created while the work is performed.

Identify and apply methods to protect personnel from hazards associated with the work performed.

Monitor all employees to ensure safe work procedures, including safe work positioning, are followed."

More information:

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