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MSHA Final report issued for fatality on 9/21/2021

"On September 21, 2021, a 68-year-old contract truck driver with 20 years of experience was fatally injured while operating a haul truck. The victim was found lying in front of his truck near the edge of a haul road. The truck was upright and in the opposite direction of the expected route of travel.

Best Practices:

  • Establish a site traffic plan to include traffic routes, speed limits, and access points. Train miners to follow all traffic controls.

  • Conduct pre-operational examinations to identify and repair defects that may affect the safe operation of equipment before placing equipment into service.

  • Operate mobile equipment at speeds consistent with conditions of roadways, grades, curves, and traffic.

  • Maintain control while operating mobile equipment. Never exceed a vehicle's design capabilities, operating ranges, load limits, and safety features.

  • Always wear a seat belt when operating mobile equipment.

  • Never exit a moving vehicle. Remain in the seat with your seat belt secured."

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