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NESCA/AGC/ECA Seminar – Cyber Risk Management – January 7th!

"Cyber threats, sadly, are becoming more and more of a threat in today's smart world. But what exactly is a cyber threat and are you at risk? The construction industry is a leading target of cyber-crime. The necessity of remote network access on job sites and the use of shared networks among vendors and contractors have made the construction industry a vulnerable target and a notorious entry point for major security breaches. We already know of instances where your colleagues (both large and small), local municipalities and other companies have been attacked!

It's easy to get frustrated over the severity of the threat environment. However, it is possible to protect your business from cyber threats. This program will provide you information to get ahead of these malicious actors.

This Program will allow you the opportunity to strengthen your Risk Management Practices and avoid costly Cyber Security Issues..."

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