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NESCA/AGC/ECA STP Unit 6 - Risk Management & Problem Solving

"Over the years, ECA has developed one of the most successful Supervisory Training Programs (STP) in the country...over one-hundred Superintendent Courses since the inception of the program some twenty plus years ago, training over 3,500 local supervisors, trades people, and office personnel.

Unit #6, Risk Management and Problem Solving will cover the roles and responsibilities of a construction supervisor in accident prevention and loss control. Topics will include:

• Safety leadership, communication and expectations

• Planning for site safety

• Site safety management

• Site security and protection

• Multi-employer jobsite safety

• Construction risk management

• Safety and human resources

• Regulatory procedures, record keeping and documents..."

Register form and more info in the file attached:

STP Unit 6 - 2023
Download PDF • 685KB

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