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New Video: COVID-19 & Workers' Compensation

"The New York State Workers' Compensation Board has released a new video to help workers who believe they contracted COVID-19 while working. The Board's Advocate for Injured Workers gives an overview of filing a COVID-19-related workers' compensation claim, including:

  • What information is needed to show a COVID-19 illness is work-related

  • Benefits available under workers' compensation

  • How to file a claim

  • Where to get help with your claim, if needed

You can view the COVID-19 & Workers' Compensation video on the Board's YouTube page.

Please note: The purpose of the video is to provide the public a general framework about viral exposure and contraction claims — it does not constitute legal advice or legal authority with respect to any individual potential claim for benefits under the Workers' Compensation Law. For legal advice, you should contact an attorney or Licensed Hearing Representative skilled in workers' compensation."

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