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North Country Chamber- Management Training Series

North Country Chamber- Management Training Series: Motivating, Coaching, and Mentoring for Performance - August 11th!

"Coaching employees, rather than just managing them, is the key to employee retention and satisfaction. This session will provide an overview of coaching and mentoring, and how motivation can be used to enhance the process. We will explore why coaching works, and you will learn how to design a coaching plan for each one of your employees. Most importantly, you will come away with an understanding of how you may need to change your own thinking about managing people in order to be a successful coach.

Learning Objectives:

  • To define the difference between coaching and mentoring

  • To understand the importance of fostering trust with employees and harnessing motivation in the coaching process

  • To identify the core steps necessary to develop a coaching plan for each employee

  • To understand the role of feedback in the coaching process"

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