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North Country Chamber of Commerce - "Bringing Employees Back To Work" Lunch & Learn, May 4th!

"The North Country Chamber of Commerce will help you and your employees get back to work! Our Lunch & Learn sessions cover topics critical to a successful “restart”.

While you’re learning, support one of the amazing member restaurants who have worked hard to stay open and serve our community during this time. We encourage you to order take-out or delivery! The webinar is free, but lunch is on you. Choose from our members and show your support.

Learn what you need to know before bringing employees back to work. From the legal aspect to the more emotional point of view, you can put a plan in place for a successful re-entry.

We’ll discuss questions like:

What policies and procedures do I need to have in place to bring people back?

Do I need to provide PPE for all employees?

What about employees who are afraid to return to work?

What responsibility does an employer have to its employees and/or its employees’ family?

How do we reconnect our teams who have been out of the routine for so long?"

Register here!

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