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NYS Workers Comp Board Webinar Wednesdays: Lunch and Learn with the Advocate for Business

Save the date - the next webinar is June 2nd!

"The Workers' Compensation Board is pleased to offer additional dates for our ongoing educational series specifically for employers.

On each of the dates listed, the Board’s Advocate for Business will present a webinar on the basics of the workers’ compensation system, including insurance types, coverage requirements, and employers’ obligations under the law. Each one-hour presentation will also cover:

  • Who needs coverage and who does not need coverage

  • How and when to report an injury or illness (including COVID-19)

  • Considerations when hiring independent contractors, laborers, and domestic workers

  • Lowering premiums

  • Penalties and where to go for assistance with them

Sessions are free and there will be time at the end for questions. Registration is required.

Please note, when you select the registration link, you will be taken to a general information page. You must select ‘Register’ on the bottom of that page to sign up."

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