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Ten Universal Actions Every Employer Must Take to Help Ensure a Safer Reopening

"Reopening businesses and returning employees to traditional work environments post-quarantine will be the most nuanced and complex actions American employers will undertake in the coming months.

To help them prioritize safety during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Safety Council – based on recommendations from the SAFER task force – identified the 10 universal actions every employer must consider before reopening, and released a series of playbooks with in-depth recommendations for doing so safely.

SAFER – a group of experts from companies of all sizes, leading safety organizations, nonprofits, government agencies and public health organizations – is the first national task force focused on worker safety. The 10 universal actions every employer must take are..."

Shared from: https://fsmmag.com/Articles/2020/05/Daily-Articles/Ten-Universal-Actions-Every-Employer-Must-Take-to-Help-Ensure-a-Safer-Reopening.html

More information: https://www.nsc.org/work-safety/safety-topics/safe-actions-for-employee-returns-safer

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