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What is a Crosswalk and Why Should We Use Them?

"Crosswalks, are marked areas of the road that help individuals to identify where they can safely cross the street. Get to know how to best use crosswalks with the following guidance from NYS.

What is considered a crosswalk?

A crosswalk is any area distinctly indicated for pedestrian crossing by lines or other pavement markings.

A crosswalk also is any part of the road at an intersection between the curbs on opposite sides of the roadway or, if there are no curbs, between the edges of the road. This area is considered a crosswalk, whether or not it is marked as one.

How should a crosswalk be used?

When there are no pedestrian signals at an intersection, wait until vehicle traffic gets a green light in the same direction you are traveling and cross in front of the stopped traffic. Do not cross in front of traffic that has a green light.

If there is a crosswalk at a location where there are no traffic control signals for drivers or pedestrians, drivers must yield the right of way to pedestrians.

What if there isn't a marked crosswalk?

If there are no crosswalks, the safest place for pedestrians to cross the road is at an intersection. Motorists have the right of way at all locations other than intersections and marked crosswalks."

Shared from Albany County's recent email update. More information can be found at

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