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When is the right time to ask for a raise?

"I believe there is a right time to ask for a well-deserved, reasonable raise. If you have excelled at your job, while going above and beyond your position’s expectations, you may feel you should be paid more. When meeting with your boss, be prepared to explain what you have done to justify a raise. With confidence, give specific examples showing your value to the company. Merely showing up on time and doing what is in your job description doesn’t mean you deserve to be paid more.

Have a specific goal/number in mind, but also a willingness to compromise and come to an agreement for less. Especially in the times we are currently living in, there is a lot of uncertainty, and companies may not be willing or able to offer a raise or promotion right now. If you are told no, ask what you can personally improve upon to receive a raise in the future.

If you feel the company does not value you, and you truly become unhappy because you can not get a raise, then it may be time to move on. Do not settle! Life is too short not to enjoy what you spend the majority of your life doing. There is always good and bad with anything that crosses our paths. Make the best of what you have and go from there.

But also remember, sometimes companies really cannot pay more then what has been established. However, if you show the position has evolved to that of more value to the company, then a pay adjustment or raise could be brought to life. The employer may not see that until you bring it to their attention."

(Shared from Brenda Wiederkehr, CSC; Owner/ President at VPP Star Site Access Compliance)

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